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Anonymous asked: "With the shower thing, if your shower head doesn't work and you have a bathtub, lay under the faucet part with your legs up."

My faucet is really weird like it’s kind of low and weak kind of and since i’m tall idk how that would work out :( But thanks for the tip! 

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Anonymous asked: "I used to get the burning feeling if I went too harsh with my fingers. That's why I use a sharpie to rub my clit. Like the smooth side of it. It's gentler but works really well."

Hm I never thought of using a sharpie for that! I used a remote before though and I think the main consensus is that other objects can help it be lighter and less intense 

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Anonymous asked: "In response to /post/100326000887. My clit used to hurt when it first started receiving direct simulation... Clearly me and my guy didn't know what we were doing haha. It may help to: (1) Go gentler; (2) Try different ways/directions of massage; (3) Get the area wet before you even begin to touch yourself there. Use smut fics, porn, lube, whatever. Tbh the only way I could get off at first was using a shower head (a accidental discovery). Give yourself more time and practice, you'll get there ♥"


Sorry, back to the main subject.

Those are great ideas! In all honesty, if you try and do it through underwear that may help too, because it’ll make things gentler and not as direct. Honestly I still usually masturbate through my underwear because I just find that it gets me off better, I don’t know why. But I know it definitely feels more gentle than being direct with it, so that may help too.

Thanks for being such a sweet anon to help the other anon <3 

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Anonymous asked: "How do you know if your having or about to have an orgasm? I've never had one before"

I don’t know how to explain it really. It kind of just builds up and the pleasure starts to intensify as it does, and then you get a second where you feel like whatever building is going to burst, and then it does and for like a second it feels REALLY good and then you kind of just feel blissfully relaxed right afterwards. That’s the feeling that I’m looking to achieve when I masturbate tbh, the relaxation it brings afterwards (A lot of girls masturbate before bed bc it can help you sleep. But I always have to pee after I orgasm so I can’t do that D:)

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Anonymous asked: "I need help. For some reason whenever I masturbate, I get this really good feeling but then after like 20 seconds it goes away and it hurts to touch. I don't like put my fingers inside myself I just pretty much "massage" my clit if that makes sense? Is there a way to actually have a proper orgasm where I come? I feel awkward asking this but I've never came before and it's really annoying."

It hurts too much? What kind of pain is it?

I know before I used to kind of get this weird burning pain that felt like it was welling up into a bubble ready to burst. Is it something similar to that? Idk what that was about but it had happened a few times and honestly what I did for that was I kind of just trucked through it and continued even through that feeling and then it sort of went away I guess is the way when I orgasmed. 

Other than that I don’t know what advice to give here D: Don’t feel awkward asking about it, it’s nothing to worry about :) Though I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer to help you with :( 

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Anonymous asked: "Can u link me to the phan look alike porn? Possibly the one that has Seth Savage and Andrew Dexter? And I don't want the link to the WEBSITE I want the link to the VIDEO because it's annoying trying to go through gross ass dicks when I specifically wanna see one thing xD is that weird?"

This one? Nah that’s not weird, it can get annoying haha, but you can always google for them and the link will come up:)

Finding that link and watching a few seconds worth reminded me how awkward emo twink porn is hahaha

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Anonymous asked: "goddammit I'm stalking old asks and dan's lips DO look like they were made to give blowjobs"

Oh they totally were. They were sculpted JUST for that reason 

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Anonymous asked: "did u know somebody sent this link in the liveshow that phil did today? phanarama(.)tumblr(.)com/post/57127088675/more-porn-look-a-likes-for-you"

DID THEY REALLY oops omg. Did he see it or acknowledge it or anything? 

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Anonymous asked: "I think I'm prone to orgasming and the completely wrong time. I told my mom once that i wanted to take a nap before i had a guitar lesson, and i ended up getting off. I orgasmed as the alarm went off and my mom was walking in (but i didnt get caught) and then just now, my dad was out for a while and i was texting my girlfriend so i went to the bathroom to do the thing and it happened when my dad unlocked the door which is a bit awkward"

Oh dear. Either you’re prone to orgasming at the wrong time or you’re not good with time management and locking doors hahaha :P 

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Anonymous asked: "For the anon asking about anal experience. I'm a girl, first off and let me tell you I could not take a shit properly for a week. It was not fun. At all. However if you maybe take it slower or just use more lube, use a smaller dick, it might be fine idk. But then again, men have their G-spot in the ass while we don't. (Also, to collect animal sperm vets usually... stimulates the ass haha, small fact there for ya)"

That does NOT sound like fun hahaha. Not pleasurable at all. At least i now know a tidbit of trivia if that question ever arises haha)