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Anonymous asked: "Has anybody here tried anal? And If so can you share your experience :)"

Anyone? :)

Anonymous asked: "I'm a girl but i would really love to fuck dan in the ass, is that weird? phil is one lucky dude."

Not weird imo I feel that way about some guys omg i’m glad someone understands me. Agreed.

Anonymous asked: "I've never shared this before bc it kinda confuses me, but I'm fairly sure I'm straight, but who knows, bc it's weird, I'm more attracted to guys but the thought of being intimate grosses me out to a large extent, I have before, I've had sex and stuff (not all it's bigged up to be in my opinion), but when I think about being intimate with a girl it sounds far more appealing & I'd rather do that, & I do find girls kinda attractive but it's weird. So confused. Sorry just had to get it off my chest"

Sexuality doesn’t have to be black or white, and you don’t have to try and force yourself into some label in order to understand it!
That’s why, although they can be helpful, I find all the detailed labels like pansexual, omnisexual, ambisexual, polysexual, etc to be so excessive.

I mean that might sound hypocritical because I identify as heteroflexible but I find even that label to be excessive. People should be able to find whatever they want and whoever they want to be attractive without worrying about fitting it under some label. 

So do what you want, date who you want, have sex with who and whatever gender you want, as long as it makes you comfortable! Try not to overthink it and confuse yourself even more while you figure out your identity. Just kind of let it come to you.

If being in a relationship with a girl doesn’t sound appealing and you still want to try and label things, maybe you’re homosexual but heteroromantic? 

Anonymous asked: "Okay I kinda peed whist masturbating and it's 12:15 am and I can't change the sheets. Help"

Oh my god I feel so bad for laughing but I did D: Are you sure you peed and didn’t squirt? Either way that’s embarrassing x.x Hope you got that all sorted out somehow

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Anonymous asked: "My friend calls a vagina 'the downstairs girdle'. I have know idea why but it kinda makes sense?? Just thought I'd share that with you... :)"

Hahaha I feel like that would be awkward to say in conversations though. 

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Anonymous asked: "I love and prefer phil bottoms. So, Thank you."

Hey man enjoy what you want to! Everyone has preferences 

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Anonymous asked: "ok so this is going to sound really weird but basically my best friend came out to me as bi two years ago & I've always considered myself straight but ever since then I've kind of imagined me and her together.. and the other night I was doing the do to myself and she just popped into my head and I feel really awkward now and idk what to do sorry I just needed to get that out there"

Aw no don’t be sorry, I understand that feeling! I think everyone gets those kinds of thoughts about people, even when they consider themselves to be straight. 

That’s kind of why I’ve deemed myself as heteroflexible. I never really looked at a girl and thought wow I would like to have sex with you or be in a relationship with you. But then one day me and my friend started making jokes about banging each other and I was like hm… Then slowly jokes got kind of more serious and I developed a crush and was like yep. Heteroflexible. 

So I mean maybe that’s what you could consider yourself as well?

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Anonymous asked: "For anyone who wants a vibrator but cant get their hands on one, (live with parents or something) I use my electric toothbrush. ok that might sound gross but I have two different heads, one for brushing my teeth and one for that other stuff ;) works a treat"

This works! I had a completely new electric toothbrush that I used to use (I prefer non-electric toothbrushes for actual teeth brushing) and it was a good time.

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Anonymous asked: "I fucked my best friend at a sleep over and we haven't talked since"

OOPS uh oh that’s awkward :( I hope things work out there 

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Anonymous asked: "Wait you don't finger yourself? Do you have toys then?"

I have a massager that isn’t meant for this kind of use BUUUUUUT I use it because it’s great hahaha.

I also do have a bullet vibrator but it’s nowhere near as strong as the massager so I usually stick with the massager.