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Anonymous asked: "Hey so, I have a problem... I'm 12 and when ever I read smut I get wet. Which I don't think is too bad but still. One day I went to the bathroom to pee after I read some smut and my underwear was wet and I smelt it and it smelled like nothing so I'm guessing it was cum. Is that bad??"

Well technically cum is the stuff that comes out of a penis during ejaculation, so it wouldn’t be cum. It’s most likely the secretion that acts as a natural lube that makes you ‘wet’. It’s completely normal for that to come off onto your underwear if you’re wet, since I mean it’s right there against your vagina. So it was most likely just that secretion that comes out when you’re aroused, and no it’s not bad :) And this sounds gross but it’s not bad whenever it does have a smell too, if it ever does. 

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Anonymous asked: "Is it weird that I'm a lesbian who gets of generally to gay smut fanfic? I can't actually face proper porn bc real penises eugh but I am definitely not attracted to guys at all so i don't know why i find the fanfic so hot?"

Nah I don’t think it’s weird, I guess it’s just everyone has different things they find sexually appealing. Maybe it’s the fact that you (presumably) ship the couples you read about so the fact that in the fics they’re actually together is fulfilling and you like that??? Idk :o

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Anonymous asked: "Do you have that daddy kink still on this blog?"

Yep, it’s right here

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Anonymous asked: "I get bored during masturbation often. And even during sex :( My solution is to do it less often... probably not the best solution and not what anon wants to hear, but it really feels the best when I haven't done it for a while haha. And be open to types of porn you haven't tried! New things are exciting."

Those are good ideas! I didn’t even think of doing it less but that might be because I do it a lot and I think the fact that the orgasm feels like a huge stress reliever for me is why I don’t get bored haha. 

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Anonymous asked: "so this could be literally the most embarrassing thing but when i was around 6 me and this other girl i knew used to shower together and then one time after she started licking my neck and told me to touch myself i havent told anyone that cause its really weird but yeah o_o"

Oh my god I don’t even know what to say O.O 

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the fact that she did that to your or the fact that she had to learn that kind of stuff from somewhere, and I don’t really want to know where she learned that from :/

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Anonymous asked: "Hey so lately I find that after about thirty seconds of masturbation I get bored/don't find it as exciting as when I started so I stop before I reach an orgasm. I was wondering if you knew any ways I could make it more exciting? Thanks"

Hmm I guess it’s what you’re into. Like, if you’re into pain then maybe slap your thigh or pinch yourself or something (I’ve admittedly done that a few times lol), so try and make it fit to any kinks you may have. 

Porn choice or what you use to get off is also a very important thing to make sure you don’t get bored (which is a good thing about fanfictions or literotica, since they appeal to maaany many different things that porns might not have). 

Touch your body elsewhere may help. I know a lot of girls like to play with their boobs when masturbating, or move their hands over their body in general. I don’t like to do that because it makes me feel awkward and feels forced, but that’s just me, so it might help you!

Sorry I’ve never had a problem with masturbating becoming boring D: 

Anonymous asked: "Sorry for that emotional outburst o.o It turns out no one actually gave me any shit, I was the only one giving myself shit ahhh. My friend gave me some tips, but there was surprisingly no pressure from anyone. You're right, it's our bodies, we don't have to do anything we're not comfortable with. ♥"

Aw no don’t be sorry! I’m glad no one gave you shit for it or anything :) If anyone ever does though just ignore them because if you don’t like how tampons feel or can’t get one in then that’s your vagina’s business not anyone else’s :) 

Anonymous asked: "This isn't sexual in fact it's kind of gross but I've spent an entire day trying to learn how to use a tampon so I don't have to miss my swim class but I just can't get it in right and it hurts so much each time I pull it out. I'm so frustrated I just ended up lying in bed crying for the last half hour and I feel so pathetic bc it's not like I'm 13, I'm in my 20s and I'm not even a virgin but I don't know to insert a stupid tampon :'( thank you for reading I just needed to vent :'("

Awww baby I’m sorry :( That’s what happens to me, too. I’ll get it a little bit of the way in and I’m like NOPENOPENOPE and pull it out. I know that it seems like a necessity since you’re on a swim team, but honestly if you can’t do it or you find it too uncomfortable and painful then I would say don’t use them. I had a crisis over how I couldn’t use tampons a few months ago but then had a long thought (and may or may have not posted a desperate post on yahoo answers to make sure I wasn’t weird) and came to the understanding that it’s okay not to wear tampons. I mean it’s your body and your vagina so you should be able to do what you want with it while it’s bleeding. I was just getting fed up with people being like “YOU’RE 19 AND CAN’T USE TAMPONS?!?!?” and basically shaming me for it, which is why I had a breakdown and got really upset. But hey, it’s my body and what I do or don’t do or use or don’t use is none of anyone else’s business to judge me for.

I’m not sure how that’d go over with a swim team though, because I’m not sure they’d let you miss a week for your period? I don’t know, but if anyone gives you shit tell me and I’ll beat them up for you bby

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Anonymous asked: "Why people think masturbating is wrong, why does it make us feel guilty?"

It’s because we’re taught at a young age not to do that kind of thing. Like “DON’T TOUCH YOURSELF THERE!!! BAD!!” or if you’re young and your parents catch you and they scold you, or you’re just generally taught that sex=bad, masturbating=bad, porn=bad, everything=bad and we’re shamed for everything. It’s so dumb imho.

When I have a kid I’m going to be like look I’d rather you masturbate than to go and sleep around with a bunch of people and put yourself at risk of STDs/possible pregnancy/etc so masturbate away.

Anonymous asked: "Did you ever try finding your G-spot? Did you find it? I've tried several times, but I never found it and I would really, really like to have a G-spot orgasm. :( If you did, do you have any tips for finding it? And how does it feel? :)"

Ah no sorry D: I may be nineteen but I’ve actually never fingered myself or had anything inside of me for that matter. Like I’ve never had a tampon fully inside of me and never finger myself. I masturbate solely from clit stimulation. If anyone else has tips or anything feel free to respond!