Anonymous asked: "okay so here's one for you--I read a lot of fanfic and consequently a lot of gay smut and i discovered I have a thing for daddy!kink. I don't even know why, reading about it really turns me on. But here's the thing--I'm a lesbian. This is realistically not something I could act on even if I wanted to, do you think that's weird to be turned on by something you can't/have no desire to participate in??"

No I don’t think it’s weird that you’re turned on by things you can’t participate in or have no desire to participate in! I’m the same way with some of my other kinks. Like a lot of stuff I’ll read and think I could NEVER do that with a partner but just reading it (or seeing it on porn) is like HHH YES PLEASE. 

Also I’m totally with you on the whole daddy!kink thing tbh. 

Anonymous asked: "Hey I was just wondering how old are you?"

I’m 19, soon to be 20 :)

Anonymous asked: "You wanna know what I hate? Foot cramps! Omg okay so when I'm about to orgasm I curl my toes and bam cramp! And I have to stop to sort my foot out and god damb it it gets me so frustrated"

Ouch ouch ouch D: I got a foot cramp before when I was midst-masturbation and it was the WORSE. I don’t even curl my toes or anything, it just happened and i was so angry hahah

Anonymous asked: "i made a sexual comment about grilled cheese on a post and my best friend saw it and texted me "are you sexually attracted to grilled cheese" and i sent her "yes, I'm pansexual now i like girls, boys, and grilled cheese" and then she sent "Let's have a threesome then" and the thought of me and my best friend pleasuring each other with grilled cheese in the mix shouldn't turn me on as much as it did"

I’m so sorry but I’m giggling so much oh dear hahaha. 

I think that’s kind of a normal thing though to be honest? Like I mean for like half a second before when me and my best friend were laying down to go to bed (we were sharing her bed) something flipped in my mind and i got slightly aroused but then i was also like ????????????????? NO because I wasn’t even attracted to her or wanted to do anything sexual with her. 

And hey grilled cheese is great it’s basically like sex in a sandwich so I understand ya feelings

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Anonymous asked: "When I'm home alone I get quite loud but I remembered I live in a semi-detached house and I can hear my neighbour coughing so oh gosh I dread to think what they were able to hear hahaha"

Oh god that’s embarrassing hahahaha, thank god I’m nearly silent when I masturbate. 

Anonymous asked: "“It felt like the feeling of a million angels had touched her clit and she was gasping as she writhed about, orgasm washing over her,” HELP I CANT; BREATHJ"


Anonymous asked: "do you know if it's possible to get hand warts from masturbating too much? or weird spots in the nether regions"

No I don’t think that’s possible… The only thing I can think of is if you used something like a toy on yourself and the way you held it irritated your fingers or hand and you were left with some form of a calloused area/blister. Other than that I’d say you should definitely go to a doctor if you’re experiencing either or both of those, just in case it’s something serious and progresses to something more. 

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Anonymous asked: "When you talk about the back massager, is it the Hitachi magic wand? BECAUSE THAT THING IS POWERFUL OMG I ORGASM IN 30 SECONDS I SWEAR. Would recommend, 10/10. Also sorry if it's tmi. I kind of like to talk about massagers/dildos/vibrators."


I use like a literal back massager. It’s a homedic percussion massager (never thought I would talk about what I use to masturbate with omg). 

(For anyone interested you can find them on ebay for like $10. I just happened to have one in my house already so I didn’t have to buy it haha.)

Anonymous asked: "(dear god this is awkward and embarrassing. I'm awkward and embarrassing.) So I found your blog, started scrolling through (I've read each post and i check it every day lol no stalker) and I got thinking. I mean, I haven't "had time to myself" in years (I used to touch myself when I was like 9 or 10 or something but never did anything to orgasm) so one night i decided to just "feel around" to see what felt good? And basically I THINK i had my first orgasm? (cont)"

so I said wow i need to try that again but then my best friend came over to stay for about 5 days (She was actually the first person i texted at 5am to tell her what just happened but we haven’t talked about it long story) and then i got my period then another friend came over leaving me a bloody, horny, depressed mess until about a week later when i did it and it happened again and i’m so confused if i actually did orgasm or something but it’s happened 5 times (yes i counted don’t judge me)


Omg I mean this in the least offensive way possible but you sound like a hormonal horny wreck hahaha aw bby. To be honest I don’t think there’s no ~correct~ way to tell if you’ve orgasmed or not besides it being described as just a burst of extra good sensation. Like it may feel good leading up to it obviously but the actual orgasm is just kind of like a shock to your nether regions, in the simplest terms.

Like a lot of fanfics or writing of orgasms overdo it like “It felt like the feeling of a million angels had touched her clit and she was gasping as she writhed about, orgasm washing over her,” and shit. Mine aren’t ever like that (so far, though it’s definitely possible to have those kinds of orgasms I’m sure), so sometimes they can be pretty plain (though really good). 

So if an extra shock to down there while your touching sounds familiar it sounds like to me that you’ve orgasmed, so congratulations! 

(Also I totally welcome stalkers to this blog, welcome ^_^) 

Anonymous asked: "fml i was at a friend's place for a week so obviously couldn't masturbate even though kinda needed it and the fucking second i come home i find out my period has started and i hate masturbating while i'm bleeding out of my vagina. sorry i had to vent..."

Omg that’s happened to me before, it’s the WORST. What I do then is keep a pad and underwear on and use my back massager thing and it still feels good through the layers. Sorry if that’s tmi but hey it’s a sex blog so I guess that’s accepted hahaha.